mSEAL 295

A universal marine grade sealant and adhesive based on the latest polyurethane technology for use in the boat and ship building and maintenance industries. Designed to offer a wide variety of sealing and bonding applications where a permanently elastic, vibration damping seal is required, it can be used as an adhesive in non-structural – limited stress applications. mSEAL 295 is the ideal utility sealant that handles a multitude of sealing applications and light stress loads.


mBOND 395

A high strength marine grade adhesive based on advanced MS Polymer technology specifically designed for structural and dynamically stressed bonding applications in the boat and ship building and maintenance industries. Offers outstanding initial grab and anti-vibration bonding and bedding properties. mBOND 395 is the performance adhesive choice for demanding sealing and bonding applications throughout the boat structure.

mSEAL 595

A high quality marine grade Silicone Sealant formulated from a pure 100% Silicone Polymer and containing SteriTouch®, a powerful Anti-Bacterial additive guaranteed to stop black mould growth for 10 years. Provides a permanently flexible watertight seal to most common marine surfaces, quick curing, easy to apply. mSEAL 595 is the ideal multi-use sealant for all gaps, joints, cracks, caulking and sealing jobs around the boat.

mSEAL 675

Marine Decking Caulk based on advanced MS-Polymer technology and is specifically designed for the successful sealing of teak and other timber decks in the boat and ship building industries. Adheres to Oily Teak woods and most other marine substrates, fully sandable after 48 hours with outstanding UV and salt water resistance. mSEAL 675 is the quality assured professional choice for teak deck caulking.

mBOND 685

Marine deck bonding adhesive and bedding compound based on advanced MS-Polymer technology and is specifically designed for bonding teak and synthetic decking to the boat or ship sub structure. Suitable for use with both vacuum systems or weight loading, enables large areas to be laid rapidly with outstanding primer less adhesive to most substrates and good sound deadening properties. mBOND 685 is the perfect choice for laying teak or synthetic decks on small or large craft.


Marine Primer No.10

A special primer for wood and other porous substrates. Essential for priming the sides of teak planking before deck caulking to ensure optimum adhesion on the oily surfaces.

Marine Primer No.20

Marine special primer for plastics, metals and other non-porous substrates. Marine special primers for metals and plastics are also available to support the successful use of Aquaseal sealants and adhesives on problematic surfaces.

Marine Wipes

Heavy duty, textured wipes which are specially formulated  for the  marine industry to clean hands, tools and surfaces. Marine Wipes will easily remove engine oil, bilge, grime, grease, mildew stains, scuff marks, waterline scum and exhaust stains. Marine Wipes are reccomended for use above and below the deck on a multitude of surfaces and no water is required for clean up.They also contain lanolin to condition skin and prevent dryness and cracking, there is no need to rinse hands after use. Marine Wipes also contain a powerful Anti-Bacterial Additive.


Bond Breaker Tape

For application to the recess between teak planking prior to deck caulking to prevent 3 sided adhesive.


Jaffa Tape

A remarkable new tape which is not only thick, strong and 100% waterproof; it also has the most amazing adhesive quality. 
Jaffa Tape has a multitude of uses including waterproofing and windproofing scaffolding, windows, doors and exposed roofing – it can also be used on vertical and overhead applications due to its unique hold strength. You can also use Jaffa Tape to temporarily hold DPM, timber, guttering, sheet material or any other building material that needs to be held in place without the need to clamp. Jaffa Tape will stick to most surfaces and substrates and can be used internally as well as externally.