Booms for Yachts, Keelboats & Dinghies

Selden boom in action on racing yacht

Selden booms have a wealth of sophisticated features and can be equipped with a variety of reefing systems to suit different boats and the needs of different sailors. The booms can be fitted for traditional slab reefing or Single Line Reef, or be used for furling masts. The boom extrusions are relatively deep in relation to their width, allowing a lighter extrusion with high resistance to vertical bending. This makes them perfect for use with modern, stiff sailcloth and efficient Rodkicker rigid vangs.


Selden Gooseneck

The gooseneck fitting on the boom contains the sheaves for the upper lines for the Single Line Reef and the sheaves for the reefing winch and cockpit lines. All lower lines can be held by rope stoppers. Large openings facilitate line replacement and maintenance. The rope stoppers are spring loaded in both open and closed position. Specially rounded jaws hold the lower lines securely with minimum chafe. Every stopper is colour-coded to match the relevant line.

A perfect end

The boom end is gently rounded. It is fastened with screws and is open at the back to facilitate maintenance and line replacement. It comes with a cast preventer bracket, a topping lift eye and numbered line compartments.







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