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Easy Rigging PBO Fibre are the UK agents for Smart Rigging who produce lightweight rigging for yachts from 10' to 200' in length. What is Smart / Easy Rigging
A reel of PBOA reel of PBO
SmartRigging is for boats from 45' to 206' EasyRigging is for boats from 10' to 45' The SmartRigging and EasyRigging systems revolve around the use of a revolutionary fibre known as PBO (polybenzoxazole). PBO is the next generation super fibre, offering the highest strength and modulus of any synthetic fibre on the market. In fact PBO's strength and modulus are almost double that of Kevlar (p-Aramid fibre). To see just how strong PBO is, take a look at the Cable Comparisons prepared by SmartRigging. Proven Experience By using the SmartRigging expertise, production methods and innovative use of high-tech materials, EasyRigging has been kept extremely affordable despite its high degree of sophistication. Now all yacht and dinghy owners can benefit from this new lightweight rigging product which has already proven its quality and benefits in the Americas Cup and Ocean racing.



Hugo Boss rigged using Smart Rigging

EasyRigging ProductionEasy Rigging use a very efficient three stage way to produce a cable.The stages are as follows:
  1. Endless winding of the stay.
After the required length has been programmed, the rigging computer will calculate the amount of fibres and the number of loops required for the specified cable. During production of the stay all the fibres are kept at the same tension by the fibre tension control system.
  1. Sealing of the stay.
EasyRigging uses a very high quality heat shrink to protect and seal the fibres inside the cable. With our specially engineered low frequency shrinking robot we seal the complete cable.
  1. Testing the stays.
All the produced EasyRigging stays are stretch tested for quality control with a length measurement accuracy of 0,1mm before shipping. This way EasyRigging can check the cable properties. In every shipment there is a stretch test, installation and maintenance certificate.To see more on the techniques used in the production of EasyRigging, visit their site



Easy Rigging End Fittings


A range (7 sizes) of lightweight end fittings have been designed for this new rigging system.





TFork from Easy Rigging



By using heavy duty thimbles, and the custom hardware the EasyRigging end fitting system is entirely compatible with all other existing Wire, Dyform and Rod rigging systems. This makes EasyRigging system ideal for new builds as well as refits.







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