Karver Systems

Cutting-Edge Technology

K-Block PullyThe present generation of high tech racing boats require equally high tech deck gear that accurately corresponds with the current evolution in performance, output efficiency, weight reduction and ergonomics. Concepts which were first adopted in the design and construction of the Open 60' Class, can now be applied to all yachts, allowing racing and cruising sailors alike to benefit from the latest cutting edge technology.

High Standards

Custom Karver PulleyFrom mass production to custom parts, Karver Systems follows the same 'no compromise' stringent standards; from theoretical study to product manufacturing.

High Technology

Karver Technology

Karver utilizes the most recent generation of 3D modeling and numeric simulation software, to test material stress and ergonomics, thereby creating the highest weight/stress ratio and reliability in their future products. Following the numeric study, all products are bench tested under various loads to determine resistance to wear and failure point. Product testing at sea is the last step in the Confirmation of Excellence by Karver. Karver has been chosen to outfit the yachts of the America's Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race and many Open 60' Class mono and multihulls, with blocks, furlers, and custom hardware.

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