Marlow Ropes

The Marlow Ropes brand was created by the long established Hawkins and Tipson Rope Company in Hailsham, UK in 1957, it has earned an outstanding reputation for quality and technical innovation across the globe.

Marlow ropes in action on  yachtThe Marlow Ropes reputation is borne out of pioneering designs that have been tried and tested in the world's harshest environments by our elite performance partners.

Marlow's mission statement is to design and manufacture the best product for the application - with no gimmicks.  This philosophy means that Marlow Ropes is able to maintain it's reputation for quality and innovation in a highly competitive market.

One of the latest and perhaps most exciting innovations from Marlow Ropes is the Marlow Grand Prix range

Using a Marlow Rope guarantees you that:

  1. only the best materials are used
  2. the rope design balances material and construction to an exceedingly high standard
  3. the world's best yachtsmen and women test our product so that they are right for you
  4. the products and Company meet the very highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2000)

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  • Performance Racing
  • Cruising
  • Mooring and Anchoring
  • Dinghies and Sports boats

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