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yacht mastAt most masts manufactured by us utilise the sections and component parts produced by Selden.

With the trend for larger and larger craft Selden have developed a whole range of integrated products and components for yachts of 40ft - 70ft. With the emphasis on top of the range' quality and custom aesthetics, nearly every part has been specially designed .

What makes the whole concept different is that Selden's philosophy of using tested components of known performance remains. Therefore, even at this very individual end of the market, customers can be assured of our commitment to service and support wherever they are sailing.

Yacht Mast Head FittingThe inside of the new large yacht mast masthead fittings have been significantly improved. All sheaves and shafts can now be replaced without having to unstep the mast. There is also an optional delta shaped integral instrument bracket to satisfy today's requirements for more and more electronics.

V-shape spreaders on yacht mastThe new "V" spreaders demonstrates the emphasis on design and elegance. The "V" shape allows a wider base for increased strength and stability. Outboards ends for the shrouds are interchangeable with specially designed end-caps to accomodate discontinuous rigging in linked or tip-cup form, or for continuous rigging with clamps.

selden tangs connect shrouds to a yacht mastThe Selden "Seltangs" are unique and exclusive and are a natural progression of the 'design' and 'elegance' aesthetics process. They can accomodate wires or rods to a wide range of intersection angles. Rigging loads are distributed to both sides of the section wall and the low profile shape cleverly conceals all retaining pins so as to prevent halyard snags.

Rounded edges, smooth powerful lines and the exclusive use of stainless steel to further enhance quality, are some of the more prominent innovations that can be seen on our range of large booms.

Selden BoomSelden BoomSelden Boom Selden Mast Deck Fitting

The process of development and improvement does not stop with the items that are visible. For the large mast sections, the passage of the mast through the deckhead is positioned by a thick O-ring squeezed vertically between two solid deck rings, with one permanently bolted to the deck. This is quick and easy to fit and to dismantle, and at the same time allows sufficient mast movement in all directions.







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