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Precourt Deadeye


Synthetic rigging is becoming more & more popular on boats, Precourt have developed the use of deadeyes in place of rigging screws as a simple, efficient and light weight way of tensioning the rigging.

The idea originated from the old wooden deadeyes used on square rigged sailboats. They thought, if the part worked and was used for so many years with rope rigging, the same idea should apply to new high-tech synthetic lines.

With this idea in mind, they adapted the "historic" wooden deadeyes to work with today's new high-tech synthetic lines. Their "modern" deadeyes have been designed with the utmost attention to three very important factors: strength, lightness and ease of line adjustment.

Precourt deadeyes are all billet CNC machined using 6061-T6 Aluminium, polished and colour anodised.

Precourt EasyShackle application

EasyShackle securing a clew

Precourt EasyShackle



Easyshackles are a simple, lightweight and cost-effective to replace shackles and knots in many marine applications. They can be used for halyards, sheets or any other application on a sailboat.


Precourt Thimble

Precourt Thimble

Precourt High-load Thimbles

These thimbles are perfect for applications where a regular thimble will not do the job and collapse under load. They are very cost effective and could be used on many applications including industrial and architectural.

Quality and Reliability

All Precourt Systems parts have been analysed and optimised through finite element analysis (FEA). All parts have also been validated through destructive testing. The goal of Precourt Systems has always been to provide the marine industry with innovative parts that hold up to the highest standards in terms of quality while still being affordable.

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