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Engineered in conjunction with professional sailors, PROtect tapes provide the answer to chafeing, abrasion, scratches, dings, ageing and general wear and tear.Puma
PROtect tape comes in 5 different applications: Chafe, Mask, Headfoil, Wrap and Interior.

All PROtect tapes are made using unique technical film experience blended with applied sailing knowledge, making it the choice of Teams like: BMW Oracle Racing, Team Alinghi, Puma Racing and Simon Payne (2010 Moth World Champion).

"We have used PROtect tapes in the 2010 AC Defender Alinghi 5. These tapes have done a great job in reducing the wearing of shrouds against the mast ....... We used PROtect tapes in several areas of chafe around the deck, rig and on some ropes" (Joao Cabecadas, Alinghi, Feb 2010)

"We used PROtect tapes on Il Mostro's rigs and they always performed exceptionally well. It's great to work with a company that will develop products to suit your needs. Thanks PROtect" (Ken Read, Skipper Puma Racing)

PROtect Chafe

chafe tapePROtect Chafe tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape designed to defend your boat from dings, scratches, rubbing and of course, chafe.

Made from Ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene film (HPPE) which is incredibly tough material, with the highest impact resistance of any thermoplastic ever made. It has a very low coefficient of friction, and is 15 times more resistant to abrasion than Carbon steel. It uses an presure activated acrylic adhesive to form a really strong bond to the surface.

Availible in 250 and 500 micron thickness, in black or clear, and up to 150mm wide.

Use to PROtect your boat from:

                                                Chafe from dragging lines and sails
                                                Mooring lines
                                                Front edge of mast from headsail clew
                                                Under the boom from spinnaker sheets
                                                Blocks and purchase systems

PROtect Mask 

mask tapeSo slippery even a Gecko can't stick to it.

PROtect Mask is an adhesive tape utilising the unique high tensile properties of skived PTFE to create a product of unique tensile strength, toughness, heat resistance and low friction.This creates a strong, long lasting tape that will preserve any surface it is attached to.

This extremely low friction film is second only to DLC (diamond like carbon), meaning a Gecko really can't stick to it.

Availible in 50 to 500 micron thickness, in grey, blue or orange and up to 32mm wide.

                                                                  Use to PROtect your boat and sails from:

                                                                                    Chafe on running rigging
                                                                                    Bobstays and strops
                                                                                    Standing rigging, turnbuckles and spreaders
                                                                                    Uneven or irregular surfaces that might cause chafe

PROtect Headfoil

Headfoil tapePROtect Headfoil has been specifically designed to defend your Foil against chafe and hits from sheets, battens, poles and bad bowmen.

The headfoil tape is manufactured using a special combination of polymers and adhesives to create a strong yet flexible plastic that is resistant to the abuse a headfoil takes. It is available in 2 versions, PHT or PHB for boats up to 40 foot, and PHP for larger or high performance yachts.

PROtect headfoil tapes are die cut to the standard sizes of the major headfoil brands such as Tuff Luff, making them easy to apply, giving you convenient, long lasting protection for your foil. PROtect headfoil is a new product, already used by several winning teams last year such as RAN and Maridadi.

Availible as a 250 micron thick clear strip and sized to suit your foil size.


PROtect Wrap

Wrap tapeA specially designed amalgamating tape for the marine industry, PROtect wrap is designed to stretch and stick to itself, forming a strong waterproof bond without leaving any residue.

PROtect wrap is made from a modified poly-iso-butylene tape, comes in black from 1" to 10" wide and is ideal for:

            Rigging screws and terminations
            Electrical connections
            Mast collars
            Blocks and split pins/rings


PROtect Interior

Chafe tapeThis is a PROtective foam designed to form a soft barrier to defend delicate surface from hard hits and scrapes. It uses a foam Polyethylene with a removable acyrlic adhesive, this forms a waterproof barrier, yet leaves no residue once removed.

It is comfortable, quick to apply and remove, and leaves no marks, making it a great product whether during the construction or refit and during daily maintenance to preserve the interior from expensive damage.


This page is a summary of the PROtect range we hold in stock. To see more, visit our shop or click on the above links.


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