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For more than forty years Ronstan has been researching, designing, developing and manufacturing advanced rigging systems for racing and cruising yachts around the world. It is this experience and depth of knowledge that Ronstan brings to its architectural rigging systems today.

Ronstan offers more than tested and proven products; we offer total support, advice and experience to every aspect of project management; whether in consultation with yacht designers and riggers, or architects, engineers and contractors. The professional service provided by Ronstan enables quality solutions to be developed, designed and constructed, on time and within budget.

rigging terminals Whether you're an architect, engineer or contractor, Ronstan can assist with your selection of fittings, wire and the appropriate rigging system for your design. Having provided the rigging for many of the world's most spectacular architectural projects we have the experience to work with you on every aspect of your rigging project.

Why Stainless Steel?

The need for materials with the characteristics of strength, corrosion resistance and long life has long been recognised in the field of marine rigging. Increasingly, modern architecture is looking for solutions which offer the same characteristics.

Ronstan products are manufactured from the highest grades of corrosion resistant materials and utilise a carefully selected combination of compatible, but dissimilar, metals to minimise corrosion and thread seizure. The marine grade 316 and 304 stainless steels used extensively by Ronstan are highly corrosion resistant and eliminate the need for costly paint systems and long term maintenance.


Stainless steel - vastly superior to galvanised.


Strength, durability and aesthetic appeal are the attributes which have positioned the Ronstan range as a world leader in architectural rigging. From traditional turnbuckle styles to advanced rod rigging, utilising state of the art materials and CNC manufacturing techniques, Ronstan can provide the systems for virtually all architectural rigging applications.

Membrane & lightweight Roofing - Often the detailed complexity of design involved in fabric architecture is disguised by its apparently simple free form. Ronstan architectural rigging fittings are designed to complement the aesthetics of these structures, enhancing a style of architecture that is becoming increasingly popular. Ronstan cable systems for guy, edge and flying mast applications are as functional as they are elegant, servicing the extreme loads involved in tensioning the structures.

Glazing - With today's emphasis in architecture focusing on the efficient use of energy and natural light, planar glazing is featuring more prominently in the design of many buildings. Similarly, Ronstan wire rope and rod systems have proven invaluable, providing attractive and unobtrusive glazing support. Where maximum visibility is required for glass walls, facades, glazed roofs and atria, Ronstan has the solution.

Structural Braces & Trusses - Ronstan wire rope and rod systems are an efficient means of carrying tensile loads. Whether used to brace wall structures, complex truss roofs, or simply suspending canopies or architectural sculptures, the Ronstan system of connections allows easy assembly and installation on site.

Balustrading - Where a bright modern balustrade is required the aesthetics of stainless steel cannot be overlooked. Used in both internal and external applications, the easily installed cable systems allow unimpaired views from balconies, walkways, staircases' and platforms, whilst providing that "nautical feel" that is embraced by architects world-wide.








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