Shroud Roller

Watching expensive sails being hauled around shrouds and over rigging screws is not the nicest experience! With ' shroud rollers, it is no longer necessary. Simply clip the rollers onto your existing rigging and watch as you sails glide smoothly across the rig. Clip-on shroud roller
  • Rolls on shrouds reducing wear on sheets & sails
  • Fits nicely on top of plastic and aluminium rigging screw covers
  • Can be used on guard-wires
  • UV resistant
  • Clip together system so will fit on existing rigging
  • Length of 1.5m so can be shipped by post
  • Three sizes available: 3-5mm, 6-8mm, 10-12mm � wire
  • Internally grooved to stop dirt being trapped and allow water to run through
  • 3-5mm sold singly of in packs of 50
  • 6-8mm sold singly or in packs of 25
  • 10-12mm sold singly or in packs of 25







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