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hold stock for the majority of the Spinlock range including deckware, cleats, clutches, jammers organisers and tiller extensions.

On this page, you will find some of the key products from the range. To see more, visit our shop.


DW-LJH/A1 Deck Vest

Personal deck safety equipment for performance sailing.

The range includes integrated safety / flotation vests, kneepads, lifelines and safety harnesses.


SUA Mini Jammer

SUA Mini Jammer - a popular halyard jammer, more power than a than a camcleat but small than a powerclutch. For use with small winches


XAS Tripple Clutch

Spinlock clutches are designed to hold the loads of lines led back to a winch which can then be released easily under load.

Both the XAS and XTS series clutches are specified on production yachts worldwide and the preferred choice of racers.

The mechanism of the XCS clutches is identical to the XTS, but is alloy bodied for extra durability, performance and white, black and silver finishes.

The XX Power clutch holds loads up to 50% higher than any conventional clutch and is smooth and controlled to release and is the only secure clutch for solution for lines on high performance yachts.



ZR Jammer from Spinlock

ZR brilliantly adapts Spinlock�s world-beating ZS High Load technology for the production builder, and has been styled to compliment and fit comfortably on the decks and rigs of a modern yacht.

The ZR1014 Jammer represents a genuine step advance in rope holding technology, bringing a new level of crew safety for powerful mid sized production yachts. Where line loads are increasing significantly, builders are looking for deck hardware that is absolutely safe and very cost-effective.


Organisers - Rope Management

Deck organiser

TS Aft Organisers are custom made to suit individual deck layouts and divert lines from a mixed bank of clutches and jammers to the winch, with loads up to 2000kg (4400lbs) per sheave.

T Series Organisers lead multiple lines back from the mast to clutches and are available in 38mm and 50mm sheave sizes in composite or alloy sheaves, with up to six sheaves.

TWF Organisers are ideal for diverting lines behind a clutch to another winch and are suitable for loads up to 1000kg (2200lbs)


Tiller Extension

Tiller extension

The right tiller extension can make a big difference to your comfort and performance. Designed for the hardest conditions, Spinlock tiller extensions reduce the strain and increase the sheer enjoyment of helming a boat.

The Asymmetric extension improves helming performance, with more feedback for accurate and precise control, maintaining the best helming position for optimum trim and visibility. The two handed helming mode lets the arms relax into a more comfortable, elbows down position, resulting less fatigue and increased concentration.

The parallel grip EJ features all of the features of the Asymmetric, but with a smaller grip. The compact solution for the smaller cockpit and ideal for hiking fast and tacking.

Many single-handed sailors consider the Diablo version upgrade, with it�s universal joint that returns to it�s vertical point when not in use.

This page presents just a fraction of the Spinlock range we hold in stock. To see more, visit our shop.








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