Architectural Wire Specifications

Hamma X Strand 1 x 19

Hamma start by sourcing the highest quality stainless steel rod, which then undergo a unique descaling process to remove impurities, which may have attached during transport, prior to commencing production. The rod then goes through multiple annealing stages during the drawing process to ensure the drawn wire does not work harden, extending the working life of the cable. The cable is then finished by passing it through an ultrasonic bath to remove impurities that have attached during manufacturing, protecting the passivation layer that provides corrosion resistance.

These unique processes ensure Hamma provide ultimate corrosion resistance for extremely harsh and severe local conditions, as well as increased work life due to the multiple annealing processes, ensuring longevity of the cable assemblies used in your latest project.

Hamma X Strand 7 x 19

Hamma X conventional stainless steel cables come in many configurations, however, 1x19, and 7x19 constructions dominate the market. The Hamma X range offers a combination of superior corrosion resistance, solid all-round performance and a strong value proposition. They are extensively used in hanger cables for lightweight structures, stabilising cables for wooden trusses, and balustrade cables for stairways and pedestrian railings. Due to its higher modulus of elasticity when compared to Hamma-Pro, the Hamma X range may require pre-stretching costs prior to assembly. Hamma X comes in a wider range of diameters and has an excellent performance reputation.

Designed to Shine! An especially high level of descaling of the stainless steel rod raw material, combined with the unique ultrasonic removal of impurities, results in the Hamma X having a superior, long lasting shine to help combat corrosion in the most rugged outdoor environments.

Hamma Pro Strand


Compacted strand cables are ideal for rigid structures or glass facade due to its unique surface finish and high tensile performance. Having low elasticity means they do not need to be pre-stretched and a shiny smooth surface allows the compact cables to be designed in areas of close proximity to building occupants making greater use of space.

Moreover, its small profile to tensile ratio means they offer an unparalleled transparency and performance to the glass facade. Combining the stainless steels ease of maintenance in both outdoor and indoor situations, compact cables are the perfect solution to modern tensile structure designs.

When stretch matters! Built with Micro Stretch Technology (MST), this makes the HAMMA-Pro one of, if not the best compacted strand on the market with a decreased constructional stretch of the wire and an increased Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) by approximately 30% when compared to a similar size conventional strand.