LAGOON 500 - Completed Job


A rerig job by our Solent team. The boat owner made contact with us as he was unhappy with the tune of his mast (the work of another and we were recommended to him by a sailmaker local to him in the Solent. We had a look at the tune of the mast and agreed that it was not quite as it should be. We also suggested a full rig check due to some bits and pieces we found on that original visit. Once we went aloft on the rig check we found a number of issues with the mast, mainly through the standing rigging and a lot of cracked swage fittings where the cracks were almost full length through the fitting. Our findings meant we had to break the bad news to the owner that in our professional opinion, the mast would need to come out, despite having only just gone back in after works from another rigging company.


Once we got the go ahead from the client we set about unstepping the mast and manufacturing all new standing rigging, some of which was quite large. After getting the mast back into the boat the owner asked us to replace the running rigging, service the deck gear including all the cams and bases on the clutches, changed the trampolines, serviced the winches and furlers. This was an incredibly satisfying job as we had been recommended to the owner and ultimately fully serviced the boat leaving one happy customer.


The customer was not only overjoyed with our work on his boat but also by the Allspars service as a whole, which on this occasion included Sea Trials as he was quite new to sailing and wanted us to show him how the boat sailed.