Dinghy Masts & Booms

At Allspars most dinghy masts manufactured by us utilise the sections and component parts produced by Seldén. We carry significant stocks of finished masts for most leading classes coupled with an extensive range of spare parts which allow us to repair or replace at short notice to keep your sailing season on track.

Our philosophy is to strive for excellence, so techniques such as auto-welded tapering, bead peening of every mast, machine routering and assembly with many automated processes for component attachment, give Seldén dinghy spars the edge in quality, performance and consistency. Whether it’s a production one design spar or an ultimate Gold medal winning rig you require, we will have it in stock or can manufacture one very quickly.

Dinghy masts and booms from Allspars have been designed to offer the ultimate in stiffness, weight and functionality. All of our spars can be equipped with a range of sophisticated features that will make your sailing easier, faster and more convenient. Masts and booms are available in both aluminium and carbon and we offer a full repair service for carbon products.

selden-dinghy-aluminium-masts.pdf (53.2KB)
selden-carbon-dinghy-masts.pdf (28.6KB)
selden-aluminium-carbon-boom-poles.pdf (48.2KB)