Dinghy Rigging & Ropes

Allspars manufacture dinghy rigging using Hamma 1 x 19 wire, Hamma Pro 1 x 7 formed wire, stainless steel solid rod and various composite materials. Dinghy wire rigging is stocked in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm diameters although our stock holdings go much larger than these sizes. We can swage almost any design of end termination to these wires and rods using our extensive range of Wireteknik, Kerney, Loos, Talurit and Nicropress swage tools.

We keep an up to date comprehensive range of Marlow's dinghy rope range, which we believe are the market leading dinghy ropes, allowing us to provide some of the most innovative, hard wearing and best handling ropes on the market today.

Our riggers can splice or taper the ropes in house to your custom requirements.