Yacht Spinnaker Poles & Bowsprits

Allspars aluminium spinnaker poles give you fast and safe spinnaker handling. All the fittings have well-rounded edges to prevent personal injury and damage to equipment. The extrusions are lightweight and very durable, and are fitted with pole savers to shield the pole against damage from forestay and shrouds.

Aluminium poles are available for our Ø 48mm-Ø 111mm parallel tubes.

Composite end fittings are generally used on poles up to 84mm Ø and aluminium end fittings are used on the larger aluminium poles. The fittings are available for end-for-end gybing, vertical pole stowage and dip pole gybing as well.

We are also in a position to provide carbon poles thanks to some stunning advanced technology from our friends at Seldén. They have developed a computer controlled manufacturing method in which prepreg (pre-impregnated) tows are wound onto a mandrel (cylinder) prior to oven curing. This method enables them to exercise full control over every stage of the manufacturing process and guarantee products of a consistently high quality. One of the big advantages of this production method is that it enables them to achieve sufficient durability in the areas subject to the greatest loads and wear. Carbon poles are available in Ø 47mm to 91mm in parallel tubes and 102mm - 158mm in tapered poles.

Allspars also have a great range of carbon and aluminium gennaker bowsprits to cover most applications. Using the PDF charts below will help select the correct Seldén solution or the more unique folding Trogear bowsprit as an alternative.

If you need further help in selecting the most suitable pole or bowsprit for your yacht or keelboat, please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

selden-aluminium-spinnaker-poles.pdf (156.6KB)
selden-carbon-spinnaker-poles.pdf (96.5KB)
selden-gennaker-bowsprit.pdf (249.3KB)
trogear-datasheet-yacht-bowsprit.pdf (414.9KB)