Yacht Hardware & Furlers

Allspars stock an extensive range of blocks and tracks and travellers from a carefully chosen set of manufacturers including Seldén, Karver, Harken and Spinlock. In selecting our ranges we draw on our many years of rig building and repair work, our extensive experience of all possible types of sailing and, last but not least, our own passion for sailing. Every item is carefully selected to provide the best possible equipment to meet your exacting needs.

In addition to the smaller less expensive pieces of hardware a top-quality Furling-System is now commonplace as it transforms sail handling on yachts. Whether blue-water cruising, shorthanded sailing or just trying to make life easy, furling your sails will help.

We offer the following furling variations:

Headsail Furling

We offer various types of furling systems including Furlex, Harken and Karver. Furlex is the world market leader, and a normal feature on any well-equipped yacht. The Furlex is a great example of Seldéns on going work in making sailing as safe and carefree as possible, and it’s loaded with features not found on other systems. The manual range comes in four sizes – 104, 204, 304 and 404S. The model you require will depend upon the size of your boat and the type of your rig. All models are characterised by their elegant lines and the superior performance. The range also includes electric and hydraulic options.

The Harken range includes their ESP entry level range of furlers, more limited in features, but very good value for money.

The Karver range is designed more for shorthanded sailing and is the furler of choice for most open 40's and IMOCA 60's. Karver were also instrumental in the development of top down furlers for asymmetric spinnakers.

In-Mast Furling

An In-Mast furling mast lets you operate your mainsail from the safety of the cockpit, simply and easily. The Seldén system has a few unique features that make it's operation child's play. The first is the tensioned luff spar, inside the mast that the sail is attached to. When the sail is set, the luff spar will be resting up the back edge of the mast, but the moment the outhaul is eased in preparation for furling, the luff spar will be trying to 'spring' back into the middle of the sail chamber, removing the friction of furling against the back wall of the mast.
Secondly the drive unit can be rotated both ways by use of the continuous furling line. This allows easy operation of the luff spar, even if the sail has not been furled away perfectly the last time it was used.


You hoist the sail just once a season, so a small crew can manage a much larger boat.


A Seldén furling mast makes it easy to unroll and set your mainsail. Rolling it in is just as quick and easy. As your sail is neatly stowed out of the way the instant it is rolled in, you have a clear view when manoeuvring under power.


You can set your sail to suit the weather conditions, from the safety of the cockpit.

Hydraulic drive

Seldén's hydraulically driven furling systems have been specifically developed to enhance the enjoyment of sailing larger craft and can be accommodated for use in the Furlin' mast sections for boats 40ft - 70ft. Furlin' Hydraulic means that your mainsail can be operated with push buttons from the safety of the cockpit. The Hydraulic Drive gives a perfectly clear and uncluttered look to the spar. All the hydraulic components are hidden inside the mast.


Allspars offer upgrades from earlier Seldén systems (or indeed other manufacturers) to the latest Seldén line drive furling systems, contact us for further details.

In-Boom Furling

The size and shape of the mainsail are not limited by in-boom systems, so you can enjoy all advantages of mainsail furling, with no compromises in performance.

Full length battens gives optimal shape and power.

A unique feature of the Furler Boom mast track construction is, that it correctly flattens and de-powers the remaining mainsail, as reefs are taken.

Full roach, even "multihull roach" is possible, as opposed to the hollow cut leaches at the in-mast systems.
The mast weight is not increased!

Weight of "in-boom" mainsails are lowered as reefs are taken, whereas the main remains fully hoisted with "in-mast" systems.

Furler Boom can easily be installed on existing mast. No holes need to be drilled.

Furler Boom advantages over other in-boom furlers.

Furler Booms are fabricated from composite in a one-piece construction, which enables us to vary the laminate in accordance to the loads calculated. These loads are mainly depending on the yachts righting moment and mainsheet position. As a result, Furler Boom are always lighter than furling booms made from aluminium extrusions.
The use of composite enables us to make the boom tapered and sculptured.

Furler Booms front fitted endless line drive device means that torque remains in the mandrel when sailing with main in reefed condition. In addition, it gives minimum friction when furling as reefing line runs directly to the stand-up blocks at deck. Furthermore, it gives a constant power ratio as opposed to "drum type" furlers with decreasing power ratio and risk of line jamming.

Safety at sea:

Nobody needs to go on deck to hoist, reef, or secure the mainsail for harbour manoeuvres. Main halyard and endless reefing line led to the cockpit, allow easy and safe mainsail control.

Please contact the team for the latest advice on your furling requirement.